Greetings, Dear Reader, and welcome to The Kataluma Adventure at Connie’s House! 2020 was a rough year, for literally… ALL of us, but now it is time for us to forge ahead and take the reins of the national/global turmoil that has been entrusted to our care.

Who do I mean when I say “Us” and “Our?”

I have been a Bible Girl for most of my life, but like countless others; my faith took a beating when I faced the real world experiences of mental illness that led to homelessness, toxic responses from Christianity during that time, not-so-friendly fire from the church world, and decades of living a life of hope deferred.

It has taken years, but I have finally discovered a faith community where I feel I truly belong and my relationship there has finally enabled me to once again use the “US” and “OUR” and “WE” pronouns. I’ve become part of something bigger than myself, and it is not the same as the church of my childhood experiences.

This community is not a church, it’s actually a tribe of believers who function differently than what we have become accustomed to calling church in America.

It is my great joy to have discovered this community where I can live, love, grow, stretch my faith, spread my wings, and am welcomed to express my faith life, #PostCorona!

I couldn’t be happier to celebrate this day because it has been a long, difficult, and extremely painful journey for me to reach the place in life where I finally have found my place to belong.

Part of my new home is serving as the Technical Administrator for J3Khai Restoration, which is the home of Michael J. Weiss, Sr., Overseer of The Legacy Dream Teams at Empower 2000.

Michael is also Pastor, Restoration Life Coach, Sgt. Major, US Army, Retired, and is now also known as The Surfing Shepherd. I will tell you more about that when we introduce you to the surfing department of his adventure blog!

Our collaborative effort known as J3K2 was born due to my life-changing Dream Fire Experience that took place from October-December, 2019.

During my Dream Fire Experience, we discovered we had a shared vision for bringing order, organization, and structure to our online presence and plans for business development.

Our complimentary skills have equipped both of us to create aspects of our businesses that had come to a standstill due to need for skills that were outside each our wheelhouses. The Dream Fire Experience has made it possible for us to integrate our efforts, and we are currently assembling the team we will soon be introducing you to.

Together, we are better equipped to pursue our individual business goals, and our joint efforts are now known as J3K2, which stands for The J3Khai/Kataluma Collaborative.

We are still separate entities, but our overlapping skills have equipped us to move forward in a way that we were each unable to accomplish without the help of the other.

THAT is precisely the purpose and power of The Dream Fire Experience, and I am so grateful to my dear friend, Anne Swartout for introducing me to the Legacy Dream Teams, and making it possible for me to have attended that 12-week, life-changing adventure!!!

My ability to serve as America’s Homeless Recovery Coach is due to the fact that I became homeless in the late 90’s due to mental health issues that were rooted in childhood sexual assault.

My road to recovery has been a rigorous exercise in emotional healing, so that knowledge will help you understand why I am so happy to step to the helm of homeless recovery education by sharing my own adventure stories with you.

I have been trailblazing for many years, but my Third Act Destination has become crystal clear, and it is time for me to put down roots and establish what will become my “Home, Sweet Home After Homelessness.”

It is a land of friendship and camaraderie, fellowship, joy, comfort, safety, provision, an abundance of unconditional love, and will include more artsy, crafty fun than you can imagine!!

I look forward to sharing the abundance of “glory stories” that Papa God has prepared for me to share with you, but first, we need to establish the foundation of our budding relationship, and that conversation begins with our shared understanding of “Kataluma.”

The Kataluma Adventure is the title I have chosen for my quest to serve as “America’s Homeless Recovery Coach,” and the graphic below gives you a brief definition of the Greek word; “Kataluma.”

The Kataluma Adventure is a national prototype that serves as an online Resource Navigator For The Household of Faith. Kataluma is an online communications hub that meets the need for what much of the faith community clamors for, which is: “The mobilization of the body of Christ!

Today’s post is the cornerstone of the projects we will be building together, and will serve as our plumb-bob for future conversations.

As you can see, our adventure together is a long-term adventure that requires much attention to detail, so our conversation will necessarily be a long-term conversation.

Now, with all of that being said… I invite you to subscribe, bookmark, and follow our unfolding adventure at Connie’s House!

Thank you for taking the time to visit today! I look forward to getting acquainted as we begin to work together to create the solutions I needed while I was homeless myself.

We would love to hear from you as our journey unfolds, and you can do that by following our Facebook pages, listed below:

With much love and many prayers for each of you,

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team… Collectively known as Connie’s House.

In collaboration with Michael J. Weiss, Sr., J3Khai Restoration.


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