I’m Connie, an artsy, crafty, high-tech Grandma, and I’m here to introduce you to my role as America’s Homeless Recovery Coach.

My artsy online education center, also known as The Kataluma Adventure, is designed for those who are interested in using technology and social entrepreneurship to help facilitate solutions for homelessness, poverty, mental health challenges, and social reform.

Yes, we are Bible-thumpers, but don’t let that scare you away! Our focus is to create artsy, crafty, educational materials to help facilitate emotional, relational, and financial distress. We do so through the lens of Social Studies, 101 – FAITH EDITION.


If you notice I often use plural pronouns when refering to myself, and typicallly, when I say “We,” that actually means “Me.” That is due to the fact that I’m still recovering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID), and I still sometimes function in multiple thinking lines! DID was once called multiple personality disorder, so you will see how my healing journey is clearly reflected in the multiple domains I have created in my quest for artsy self-expression.

Please note, my plural pronouns do not mean that I am LGBT or confused about my gender. They actually mean that I am still suffering the synptoms of a fractured identity, and that I am working diligently toward the goal of integration and emotional wholeness. The Bible calls it “working out our own salvation with fear and trembling,” and I can assure you that I am fully engaged in that process!!


The Kataluma Adventure springs from my personal experience of homelessness that happened because of the emotional injuries I suffered in childhood. I was sexually assaulted from the time I was 5 until I was 17 years old, and dissociation was the coping skill that enabled me to endure those years of sorrow.

My passion for building Kataluma is due to my deep desire to comfort others who have endured the same suffering, who still have no family, and no place to call home. 

Kataluma is also part of my vision for a National Training Center for Homeless Recovery. The purpose for all of my web content is to show you how we can work together to create the grassroots solutions that will help bring comfort and new life for ALL OF US!!!

My virtual real estate will serve as a communications hub for those interested in helping create solutions for individuals and families who are facing life crises like divorce, domestic violence, abuse, or generational poverty.

Our quest is to also help coordinate communications for those that provide services and resources for individuals and families in crisis, with special emphasis on bridging the communications gap between local churches and social service agencies.

Wrap around services are critical components of any type of recovery, and we are here to help bring better order, organization, and structure to the disbursement of those services.

The rigors of covid has taken it’s toll on ALL of us, but now it is time for us to forge ahead and take the reins of the national/global turmoil that has been entrusted to our care.

My passion is to help accelerate the healing journey for those in recovery, and help decrease the financial costs of doing so

How We Got Started

My journey into web development and online business began in 2007, when I was introduced to Squidoo. That was a platform for writers, and my heart sang as I began to learn about blogging, social media, graphic design, group management, and mastering the many fine details of becoming a social entrepreneur. 

I have built well over 100 domains and many networks since that time. I am a God-taught web developer and I vividly remember the frustration of needing someone to answer my questions while I was in that steep learning curve. 

Connie’s House, Creative Business Concierge LLC was born from my own frustration of needing a business consultant, but was unable to access due to budget and health constraints.

Our artsy, online educational adventure will provide a way to collaborate with fellow Patriots, entrepreneurs, ministries, and social service providers who equip families with resources needed to overcome challenges greater than they are equipped to handle on their own.


We’re harnessing the power of social media to help redress the American Dream on a  personal level, but also on a national scale. I know that homelessness, mental illness, and poverty are difficult subjects to ponder, but fear not!! 

Our online presence makes it possible for you to engage with us from the safety and comfort of your favorite family armchair… or office suite, as your case may be!

If you ever have ay questions about our content, feel free to message me. I will do my best to help guide you to the resources you are searching for, so you can establish the personal wholeness that makes YOUR heart sing!

Thank you for taking time to read our story. We appreciate your interest in Kataluma Adventures at Connie’s House, and look forward to welcoming you into our artsy, crafty adventure to create a place to belong, for ALL of us.

With much love and many prayers for you and your household,

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team.