To Confront The "Pan"-Demic

My Specialty Is Conquering the chaos of 
complex trauma recovery

...and in case you didn't notice, I also love family, the arts, technology, and creative writing!!

So, Where In The World Can YOU Speak Peace Be Still?

My Field of Favor:


This Grandma Wears
Artsy Combat Boots!

Our Challenge Is To Muster The Troops 


Should you choose to accept it...

Write, Draw, Craft or
Paint The 
God's Word To YOU!

Do You Have a Desire To Help Those Who Are suffering, But Don't Know Where To Begin?

Show Us Your Area of Expertise &
Let U.S. Help Position You To
Confront the "Pan"-demic In Your Little
Corner of the World!

Let's Begin With a Few Questions:
* Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be homeless?
* Have you ever tried to help someone who is homeless, and were soon overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the resources required to help them?
* How do you think the church is doing in our quest to minister to the needs of those we call "the least of these?"
* Have you ever wondered: Since we have a church on nearly every street corner of America, why do we still see so much homelessness and poverty in our nation?
* Do you know what a CIT Officer is? [In case you don't know, they are law enforcement officers who are trained to deal with and help de-escalate mental health crisis calls. Crisis Intervention Teams]
* Do you know the procedures and protocols required to close the case when a homeless person dies on the streets? Who retrieves "the body?" How is their family notified? Who makes funeral and burial arrangements? Have you ever considered the trauma of being the person who discovers "the body?"
* Do these questions make you uncomfortable?
* Would you like to be part of a strategic collaborative that is working to address these challenges?
* Are you jealous for the reputation of God and the church?
* The "world" largely sees us as irrelevant, out of touch, and powerless to help solve the problems we are facing in 2020, but I disagree!!!

I cut my teeth on church pews, and the first 38 years of my life were spent as a "church girl." When my mental health breakdown happened, I was catapulted into the life circumstances that have given me the ability to ask, and answer many questions related to homelessness and many other life challenges we need to help people overcome.

Papa has carried me through the process of overcoming multiple traumas, and equipped me to be able to now speak about these issues from His perspective rather than that of a shattered child.

My quest is to show you how Papa walked me through this process for myself, then help provide comfort for others whereby I have been comforted myself,

I invite you to join me as I share the glory stories of the lifetime adventure of God's word to "Me." Our world is literally being destroyed due to our lack of knowledge about how to confront poverty, abuse, and toxic religion, but Papa God has every intention of helping us overcome these atrocities... first, in the church, and secondly, for others who so desperately need us to lead them to the light of Christ as He is lives in each of us.

We invite you to join us for The Post Corona Ambassdor's Challenge at Connie's House, and learn how you can join forces with families who are facing life issues that are bigger than they are equipped to handle on their own.


It's Time For ALL of U.S. to 
Step Up To the Windows Of The World
Let Our Voices Be Heard!


The Ecclesia

The Post Corona Ambassador's Challenge

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