Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do At Connie’s House 

In 2008, I heard the message of the 7 Mountain Mandate during a conference I was attending. I immediately saw how that message reflects the need for integration of the body of Christ. At that time in my life, I was experiencing harsh life circumstances that were rooted in my shattered identity, and just a short time after that conference, the need for safe haven landed me in yet another homeless shelter.

I had been in therapy for twelve years at that time and had begun to experience a small measure of integration. I was diagnosed with DID in 1995, so the 7M message made perfect sense to me!! (More on that as we continue our discussions!)

I have recently attained another milestone in my journey that began, (approximately!) 26 years, 8 months, and 7 days ago. That is how long it has been since my severe emotional breakdown and initial hospitalization where I was diagnosed with DID, bipolar, and PTSD.

In 2018, my Rhema word was found in Ezekiel 43:10, when Papa asked me to “show the house to the house.” Because of my understanding of parts and alters, I knew exactly what He meant by that expression.

I was still in a perpetual state of tears at that time, but He had also already spoken to me about the fact that, medically speaking; wet wounds heal better than dry wounds. We had a long discussion about the debriding process, so again, that terminology made perfect sense to me. It didn’t make it any easier for me to begin to speak out about such important issues, because I was still suffering from a severely injured identity, so I did NOT step into that assignment easily!! I was still ashamed of my tears, and was still carrying a train load of unresolved trauma.

The cause for celebration is the fact that I have been steadily healing, gaining strength, and I am now able to fully embrace Father God as MY Papa, the Father who truly loves “Me!!!”

Due to the very painful personal experience of recovering from DID, I can see that the church today functions much like a woman with a dissociative disorder, and so part of my life mission has become to share the lessons I have learned during the lifetime adventure of God’s word to “Me.”

“Me” is one of my parts that was desperately wounded in childhood, but who is now finding “her” voice and the courage to use it.

I’m thrilled to celebrate the fact that I know without doubt that Papa God has good plans for my life, because I attempted suicide several times during the earliest days of my breakdown. Jesus always showed up, picked me up, and carried me until I gained enough strength to choose to live again.

As you can see, we have much to discuss, and I look forward to sharing the many, many glory stories about of how Jesus kept showing up, kept loving me, and kept encouraging me to fully surrender my broken heart to His great love for me.

I no longer feel like an orphan, I am no longer afraid of our adversary, and I have gained enough strength, insight, and technical training to now “Step Up To The Windows of The World and Let MY Voice Be Heard!”

I’m a God taught web developer, and it will be fun to show you how He made that happen. (Jehovah Sneaky)

Becoming an outspoken web developer is a great victory for a former door mat, and it my delight to show you how the meaning of my name has transitioned out of constant sorrow, and into Hepzibah, Emunah, loved and trustworthy, no more forsaken!!!

I was never forsaken by God, but I can’t say the same about much of His church. “WE” need to improve the way we govern “US,” and so showing you our current protocols will be the function of Connie’s House.

Our current strategy for homeless recovery is “Do the best you can, Kid!” I spent many years floundering in the dismal reality, so I am very passionate about introducing new strategies for homeless recovery.

I will show you what went right during my own journey, also, what went wrong, and why it has taken so many years for me to overcome the rigors of homelessness and DID.

My stories are collectively known as “The Kataluma Adventure,” and I look forward to sharing my stories with you.

The world needs a righteous government, (KINGDOM) and the details of how we implement that government can be seen in the details of life lived as an orphan and a well-fed priesthood; all at the same time!

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I appreciate your interest in the topics of homeless recovery and healing the wounds of a shattered identity. I’m delighted you are here, and I look forward to getting acquainted.

With much love and many prayers for the family of God,
Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team.


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